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~  Gab Creek Gay Jazz  ~
For reference - deceased
2006 Chestnut Mare.

14.3 hands. 100% Foundation


Jazz is a beautiful and powerful horse with a broad chest and great bone.  She has a massive stride that gets you where you are going in a hurry.  On the inside Jazz is honest and sensative, which means she always tries when you ask and you can ask quietly.  Jazz's athletism, strength, and attitude allows her to succeed where ever asked.


Jazz performs great under saddle. She is a wonderful horse to let new folks take supervised rides in the paddock with as they get to feel what light controls on a horse are.  Jazz hauls logs and any other task she is asked to do on the farm.  She presented at the Ashville, NC Mother Earth News Fair in 2015 where she performed dozens of logging demos amongst the hussle and bussle of the fair.  This horses power, sensativety, and sensibility make her our go-to horse on the farm.


the bloodlines
Sire:  Sereno Vermont Jazz  Dam:  Gab Creek Mashanta

The Sire:  Sereno Vermont Jazz carries 37.5% blood of Red Vermont and 12.5% blood of Knox Morgan in his 9 generation pedigree.  He is a true treasure of Morgan blood with Jubilee King appearing twice on his 4th generation pedigree through different Red Vermont offspring. 


Gab Greek Mashanta "Shanta" is a daughter of the renowned stallion Primavera Valdez.  She is a well bred horse of Brunk and Old Government breeding - much of which has become known as the "working western family".  Shanta is an accomplished horse used by Col. John Hutcheson of Gab Creek Farm as one of his favorite saddle mares.



Breeding History:

Our Stallion, Pallidin, is linebred to The Yankee with 3 crosses in 3 generations. The Yankee's sire line traces to the Jubilee King son, Juzan . Jazz's sire is linebred Red Vermont who is also a Jubilee King son.  A Pal x Jazz breeding concentrates the Jubilee King blood by bringing together the Red Vermont and Juzan sire lines.  


As with all Brunk bred horses - Knox Morgan is heavily influential. PalxJazz foals carry 9.6% Knox Morgan Blood  in 39 crosses (10 generation pedigree) which is very high concentration for a horse born today.


The old government breeding is also present in both of these horses - mostly through Mansfield.




Jazz has had the following foals to date:
2016 Bay Filly - Primus Epona Jazz (sire, Springlake Pallidin) retained
2018 Chestnut Filly - Primus Resurrection Jazz (sire, Springlake Pallidin retained




Foals by Jazz below




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