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Springlake Pallidin
Deceased - for reference only

2004 Brown Stallion

100% Foundation


Pallidin was a proper Morgan horse fashioned after the original Morgan horse himself, in conformation and temperament. His offspring will be the foundation of our breeding stock.

The Bloodlines
Sire:  Springlakes Peter D         Dam:  Dulcie Lenda

Pal was bred by Niven Owings of Springlake Farm to condense her bloodlines and the bloodlines of her Aunt, Ethel Gardner.  Pal's sire, Springlakes Peter D, is a son of The Yankee. Pal's dam, Dulcie Lenda, is a double grandaughter of the Yankee so Pal carries 50% of The Yankee's blood through 3 different lines in just 2 generations.


The Yankee's Sire line reads Whippoorwill Duke, Squire Burger, Juzan, to Jubilee King.  The Yankee was line bred Knox Morgan carrying 19.5% of his blood from 5 different lines.  The Yankee's dam, Jenny Jake, is a the product of a Flyhawk daughter x Senator Graham cross. 


The lines that don't run through the Yankee go through 3 mares. Pal's paternal grand-dam, Firepride Trill B, is mostly Lippitt breeding though she does carry some old government lines. Pal's maternal great grand-dams are Lippitt Dulcie and Cascades Udonnafly. Lippitt Dulcie adds to the Lippitt blood on the sire's line. Cascades Udonnafly brings more old Government and a concentration of Flyhawk breeding as well.


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