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Knox Morgan

1891 - 1919 Brown Stallion



The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair represented many styles of the Morgan horse. Of these was Knox Morgan who would come to put his stamp on the Brunk family line producing many of the favorite Morgan mares that would be continually crossed with Jubilee King to produce some of the best stock of the time. Knox Morgan who was chosen Grand Stallion Champion (4 years old or older) "A short-legged, close-going, thick little horse" - Breeders Gazette. Knox Morgans


Knox Morgan was a properly bred horse. Figure appears several times on the sixth line of his pedigree. The bloodlines through many different horses but primarily run through Black Hawk to Sherman Morgan to Figure. 

19.1% Figure (aka Justin Morgan)

18.4% Sherman Morgan (son of Justin Morgan)

10.9% Black Hawk (son of Sherman Morgan)


His contribution to the breed is immeasurable and is present in most Foundation Morgans today, though less common in pure Lippitt.  The volume of horses he produced that went on to be key developers of the breed give testament to his quality.  The below horses are present in our farms bloodlines:


Senator Knox - Sire of Senator Graham (present in All Horses)

Liza Jane (present in All Horses)

Benita - Granddam of Senator Graham (present in All Horses)

Florence Chandler - Dam of Florette who sired Flyhawk (present in All Horses)

My Lady Knox (present in P, J, I, R)

Daisy Knox (present in P, J, D, S, R)

Charles Kent Mare (present in P, D, S, R)

Bess Knox (present in J, S)

Bell Marea (present in J, I, S, R)

Frances Knox (present in I, D, S)

Knox Reade (present in I, D, S)

Katie Hughes (present in I)


Key:  P=Springlake Pallidin, J=Gab Creek Gay Jazz, I=SC Island Iris, R=Springlake Rita Skye, D=Bridlesweet Duffy, S=Stella Fallingstar


We seek to strengthen the Knox Morgan influence on the bloodlines at our farm.  Nearly 100 years has passed since the death of Knox Morgan and in that time frame the breed went through a change and his type is uncommon. By bringing together his bloodlines of the correct type, we can continue to produce and use horses like Knox Morgan. Below are the bloodline percentages that Knox Morgan makes up in our herd:


Springlake Pallidin - 11.1 %

Gab Creek Gay Jazz - 8.0%

SC Island Iris - 9.9%

Stella Fallingstar - 6.6%

Springlake Rita Skye - 5.7%

Bridlesweet Duffy - 2.0%

Above pictures used with the permission of the AMHA
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