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Our breeding program is built around our first stallion Springlake Pallidin.  Pal's type and temperament were perfect for what we want to produce. "Black" was selected as the best candidate to carry on Pallidin's sire line.  Our other stallions have been selected from outside lines to cross with Pallidin daughters. 
Primus Blackhawk Knox

2017 Black Stallion

100% Foundation

Silvercross Royal Duke

2016 Chestnut Stallion

100% Foundation


Duke is from Silverado Ranch in Colorado. His sire was bred by Don Bahr of Do More Morgans and his dam was bred by Don Prohaska of Bucksnort Morgans. These breeding programs are some of the last focusing on this great old midwest breeding with lots of Brunk and Archie O.

2020.10.06 Duke (22).JPG
Gone but never forgotten...
Springlake Pallidin

2004 Brown Stallion

100% Foundation


Pal was only with us long enough to get 3 years of foals from him, producing 8 total offsping,. before his untimely death.  2018 he gave us 3 colts which were the only colts he produced. They were kept intact up until the spring of their 3 yo year to evaluate who would assume the mantle in Pal's place. All are great horses but "Black", Primus Blackhawk Knox, was best suited for our farms breeding goals. We retained 4 of the 5 fillies he produced, only offering Black's full sister to another home.


Pallidin was a proper Morgan horse fashioned after the original Morgan horse himself, in conformation and temperament.  I have

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