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Primus Blackhawk Knox

2017 Black Stallion

100% Foundation



Black is our main stallion though he has limited breeding options as he is closely related to most of the herd. He is an awesome horse. He is built like a tank with great natural movement. He has good disposition and lots of energy combined with a bold and confident nature that allows him to tackle tasks without hesitation. He works cattle and pulls in harness like he was born doing it.

DSC_0827 (2).JPG
The Bloodlines
Sire:  Springlake Pallidin         Dam:  SC Island Iris

Black's 10 Generation Linebreeding report begins with:

The Yankee - 25% Blood - 3 crosses

Flyhawk - 16% Blood - 19 crosses

Warhawk - 11% Blood - 7 crosses

Senator Graham - 10% Blood - 5 crosses

Go Hawk - 10% Blood - 31 crosses

Knox Morgan - 10% Blood - 45 crosses

Black's sire line traces through Jubilee King. 

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DSC_0845 (2)
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