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The Farm

Large Black Hogs

The farm raised four registered Large Black Hog sows in 2013, two for our family and two for friends.  Large Black Hogs are listed as critical by The Livestock Conservancy and are reknown for their productivity as pasture pigs and gentle nature. 
We retained the best Large Black sow, who is named Delores, and plan on breeding her.  In the mean time, purchused two Hampshire x Duroc feeders in fall of 2014 to put some more pork in the freezer.  We are excited to get more Large Blacks.



Delores - Large Black Hog on pasture



We currently have a small flock of Black Copper Marans.  Not a breed known as prolific layers but produce a wonderful dark brown egg.  They have made savvy free range birds at the farm.



Honey Bees

The farm used to keep honey bees, but sadly, they parished.  We plan to re-establish our apiary soon.  Beeswax is a handy material with the wood and leather around the farm.  The honey doesn't last long either!


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