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Liza Jane

1918 Black Mare

One of best producing Brunk Mares

Knox Morgan x Double Daisy


Legendary producer out of Knox Morgan & Double Daisy.  Double Daisy is a double grand daughter of Daisy.  She carried 31% - Billy Bodette, 25% Sherman Morgan, and 22% Justin Morgan in her 9 gen. pedigree which matched up well with Knox Morgan to produce this great foundation mare.  Her contribution to the breed is documented in her offspring, many of who were major contributers to the development of the Brunk family


BLACK SATIN - mare - 1936 by JUBAN (Jubilee King son)

GI-ZA-NE - mare - 1928 by GO HAWK (Sire of Flyhawk)

GIZEA mare - 1929 by GO HAWK (Sire of Flyhawk)

JUZAN - stallion - 1934 by JUBILEE KING

DAWN - stallion - 1935 by JUBILEE KING

NELLA - mare - 1922 by ALLEN KING (Full Brother to Pendrod)

PENWIN - stallion - 1926 - PENROD (Jubilee King Sire)

VICTORIAN - stallion - 1931 by JUBILEE KING

ZAJOU - stallion - 1932 by JUBILEE KING


Our farm carries bloodlines to 3 different Liza Jane Offspring. Stella Falingstar, Bridlesweet Duffy & Gab Creek Gay Jazz have lines to Juzan, Gizea, Nella. Springlake Pallidin, Springlake Rita Skye, and SC Island Iris have lines to Juzan & Nella.



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