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Primus Grace O'Malley

2017 brown filly EEAa

Springlake Pallidin x Flirt Blackbird GD

100% Foundation


MHB Cavalier

2018 Bay Dun Colt EEAaDd

Tocara's Double Dose x Polished Sterling Silver


Brought all the way from Mountain Home Morgans in Idaho, Cavalier was purchased to bring the Dun color to the farm.  His sire "Dante" is a stunning Morgan and we are very excited to see Cavalier mature.

Primus Resurrection Jazz

2018 chestnut filly

Springlake Pallidin x Gab Creek Gay Jazz

100% Foundation



Primus Rebel Countess

2018 Bay Filly EeAa

Springlake Pallidin x Stella Fallingstar