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The below horses we are proud to say have gone on to new homes!
2020.06.24 Horses (484).JPG
Primus Pilgrim
Sold to North Carolina!

2017 chestnut gelding

Springlake Pallidin x Bridlesweet Duffy

100% Foundation, 14.3H

Pilgrim is a great laid back boy with a striking blaze and socks. He leads, ties, picks up his feet, etc. We are going to get him under saddle soon but want to get him in a good home soon which is why he is offered at such an amazing price. If you are looking for a great solid sound old-style Morgan and on a budget... this is your guy!

Pedigree Here

2020.50.10 pil red 3 yo (308) - Copy.JPG
Primus Red Dorwood Knox
Sold to Georgia!

2017 chestnut colt (Stallion)

Springlake Pallidin x Stella Fallingstar

100% Foundation, 14.1H

Red is hard to beat with his awesome type and great natural movement. This guy is going to get attention no matter where he goes and he is has a super sweet temperament. We are starting under saddle soon and once we do he may not be available. Our 2 young daughters will need a steady guy in a couple years and once he becomes it, I doubt we will be able to part with him!

Pedigree here

2020.05.11 Erin (92).JPG
Primus Ireland

2018 black filly

Springlake Pallidin x SC Island Iris

100% Foundation

Erin is a smart and athletic.  When you work with her she has amazing focus and sensitivity. She tackles new things boldly but is very alert about it.

Pedigree here​

Erin is sold to South Carolina!

2020.08 foal sale (250).JPG
Primus Royal Prince
(planned name when registered)
Sold to Wisconsin!

2020 chestnut colt

Silver Cross Royal Duke x SC Island Iris

100% Foundation

Prince is truly linebred Brunk. The top horses of his linebreeding are:

Flyhawk 15%

Warhawk 11%

Go Hawk 10%

Sentola 10%

Penrod 8%

Daisette 8%

Jubilee King 8%

Senator Knox 6%

Knox Morgan 6%

Allen Franklin 6%

Pictures at 9 days old. This colt is built. Very solid and very athletic. Great temperament - bold and personable. Born March 30th so ready for new home in September. 

2020.08 foal sale (91).JPG
Primus Battle Knox

2020 dun colt

Primus Blackhawk Knox x Ragtime Annie Get Yer Dun

Batt stayed in Michigan

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