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Squire Burger
1938 Morgan Stallion
Squire Burger's quality as a breeding stallion is a result of careful (and fortunate) out-crossing and inbreeding that resulted in condensing desirable attributes. Broken down in detail:
Daisy 1884
Daisy makes up 25% of his blood% through 8 crosses by 3 different lines.  Daisy herself is close bred to Figure (Justin Morgan) carrying 37 crosses in 9 generations and 32% of his blood. Her influence is passed through Allen Franklin and Senata
The following is quoted from "My Morgan Horse" by Ina Ish:  "Squire Burger was 14.3 1/2 hands, a very deep bodied horse of superb disposition and temperament. He was Arizona State Roping Champion, a working stock horse, winning show horse - he was Illinois State Champion and also Champion at the Waterloo Stallion Show (Illinois), ridden on several of the Vistadorres rides in California, ridden as a hunter, won as a jumper, shown and ridden sidesaddle and shown and won in Pairs classes with his daughter April Showers at The New England NationalsSQUIRE BURGER Show. He was also a many time winner in Competitive Trail Rides. Squire Burger was accurately timed for a quarter mile in just under 23 seconds, without any advanced training for timed speed events. He was one of the few modern Morgans to have that kind of speed as well as passing it on and passing on his correct conformation, clean legs, solid feet, deep body, and excellence of disposition and ease of train-ability. Squire Burger was sold as a yearling to Justin Dart who used him to head a breeding program in Arizona. After the breakup of the Arizona operation he was sold to New England and there became the property of Mabel Owen’s Merrylegs Farm in MA. He sired quite a few horses well known and winners in a number of disciplines..."
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