Primus Morgans is located at McGoff Farm in Manchester, Michigan.  Our farm's emphasis is on using old type Morgans in traditional small farm roles including riding, driving, and as a light draft horse.  Most of our Morgans qualify as "Traditional Morgans" per the Livestock Conservancy. which focuses on preserving and promoting rare heritage breeds. Our Morgans are bred for reliability, substance, tractability, and a strong work ethic while maintaining Morgan type.  When the United States needed a horse, it was the Morgan who was able to deliver and we believe the characteristics that made it succeed then make it a great choice for most people today.  The motto "Primus Inter Pares" appears at the top of this page which is Latin for to "First Among Equals". The original Morgan horse is unrivaled as an all-around doing animal and this is the standard Primus Morgans strives to achieve


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2018.11.28 sleigh (127)